Reclaim your $uperpower !

Do you want to answer your Soul’s calling, but your broken heart gets in the way?

Is falling in love with the wrong person depleting you of your life energy, steering you away from where you know you need to go?

Do you feel like an important part of you has been ripped out?

I know the feeling. I was walking around like an empty vessel, feeling so heavy and broken. And I thought it was because the man I loved strung me along for five years before DUMPING me for another woman … his mommy.

( that jerk ! )

But that wasn’t it at all. It wasn’t his fault that I lost my spark and felt helpless, like an empty shell of who I used to be, like I was nothing without him. I had put a very important part of myself on the back burner while I put all my precious energy into nurturing our tumultuous relationship.

I used his ambiguity as an excuse to ignore my Soul’s calling. The truth is, I was terrified to pursue my dream because I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t believe in myself, or feel worthy.


Do you relate?

Do you have this nagging feeling that you’re here on this planet for something bigger, something meaningful, important, but you never seem to really get around to figuring out what that is?

And then you fall in love AGAIN, to only find yourself in YET another distraction, and so the cycle begins. You say, there’s my soulmate, that’s the one! And that little nagging feeling takes to the back burner again.

And then one day, I had an epiphany. I was feeding the ducks and turtles at the pond near my house. I could hear the laughter of the local kids running around, playing in the sunshine. The light was reflecting off the water and I asked myself, “How did I not see that coming? Why did I keep repeating this cycle with him? What is it that I’m missing?”

And it’s really hard to articulate this but all at once I had a realization of my purpose on this Earth, and all the aspects of the gifts that I’m meant to share to help my people. I knew instinctively that I had a significant offering … and pretty much instantly, I got over him. I felt a shift at my core, a supernatural one.

I had a sudden knowing of my purpose in this life

That was the moment when I learned that I was raised by a Narcissistic Mom, which was why I’d been attracting friends and dating Men who treated me like my mother. That was the moment my High Sensitivity went from being a “weakness” that made me an easy target to Energy Vampires to becoming my Superpower !

As is the case with many who battle dark entities and are saved, from what often feels like hell on earth, by a divine intervention, I was forced to acknowledge the spiritual implications and the esoteric meaning behind Narcissistic abuse, and why Empaths are often pursued by such entities.

I always keep my journal handy, so I started writing about my awakening. I went back through some guidance I had from previous journals, and the entire Wild Woman Awakening process was born.

It’s as if the 7 steps were laid out before me clear as day.

I am going to share the first step with you and if you would like to learn more, just reach out and we’ll connect.


The first step is to identify and remove the Energy Blocks that are keeping you from living your best life.

I have identified 5 Energy Blockers and created this Report to help you start your Awakening Journey.


Identify the 5 Energy Blocks so you can take your power back !

Semira is an amazing spirit who puts her ALL into her clients. Not only is she qualified in what she teaches through her studies, training and worldly experiences, but she also practices what she preaches! She is passionate about empowering her tribe to pursue and achieve their dreams.
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