Wild Woman Awakening: 7 Principles of Sexy, Spiritual and  Successful Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Almost a decade ago, I moved to San Francisco with three hundred dollars to my name. I landed a job waiting tables, the day I arrived. Within weeks, I secured another gig teaching yoga. I was on a mission to open a healing arts center in the Bay Area, for women and children coping with psycho spiritual crisis. This was sparked by a vision revealed to me by my ancestors a few years prior.

Shortly after taking this big leap of faith, I found myself living between my car and women’s shelters for months. The irony! I was sad, I was lonely and I felt like a complete failure. It was then that I met “Dr. Love”, lost myself and had my heart shattered wide open. Slowly but surely, my wild woman awakening path began to unfold. I was forced to confront old wounds, from centuries past, that almost ruined my future.

Along this journey, I learned how to break free from outdated traditions and generational patterns that had been stifling my growth for decades. In this book, I deliver advice to highly sensitive people on how to overcome and heal from childhood trauma, self criticism, fear, doubt, financial struggles, disappointments, heartbreak and more.

At the heart of this book are insights from sacred texts, that guide the reader through a journey towards emotional healing and self discovery. The mystical gems that I’ve been able to reclaim and grateful to share are rooted in ancestral knowledge and shamanic wisdom. They show highly sensitives and empaths how to transmute their pain into power and align with their soul’s purpose.

Wild Woman Awakening

7 Principle of Sexy, Spiritual and Successful Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

        20 Beautiful Women: 
20 Stories that will Heal your soul, Ignite your Passion and Inspire your Divine Purpose

This book is a collection of personal short stories from 20 authors, speakers, and life coaches bonding together for the common goal of sisterhood, and to transform women from the inside out.

It is an best-selling compilation from women who have experienced devastating circumstances, loss, and disappointments. The one thing that connects them all is that they had the strength to heal, find their purpose through their pain and now passionately help others in the areas of self-love, spirituality, relationships, finances, and forgiveness.

Many of these stories, told here for the very first time, will empower you to make real changes in your life, heal your soul, find your passion, and live your divine purpose, now. You will find stories you can connect with, learn from, cry with, and grow from. It’s a must read for anyone desiring connection with other real women and true transformation. This compelling book may change your life forever!


20 Beautiful Women

20 Stories that will Heal your Soul, Ignite your Passion and Inspire your Divine Purpose

         Yoga for Beginners:

   A Journey through the Chakras

Yoga has played a pivotal role in my healing journey and I am so happy to share this gift with you. Many of us are beginning to look beyond traditional western medicine to treat our ailments. More and more people are turning to alternative healing modalities that acknowledge and honor the mind-body connection.

Yoga has become popularized in the west for helping us strengthen our bodies, as well as for helping to calm our minds and address emotional pain or physical discomfort. Nowadays, many therapists and doctors will recommend a yoga practice in conjunction with their patient’s medical course of treatment.

Studies have shown that yoga helps to calm mental chatter and relieve emotional pain and sometimes physical pain, by helping to calm down our nervous system. Meditation, breathing exercises and chanting are just as much part of a yoga practice as light stretching or getting into fancy poses.

In this book, I offer a brief introduction to the origins, styles and benefits of yoga and meditation. We are electromagnetic beings that are constantly exchanging energies with the people, places and events that surround us. Understanding how that impacts our lives can help us achieve a more lovely, balanced and fulfilling life.


Yoga for Beginners

Shiva and Shakti’s Eternal Dance