Awakened Alchemist $ 333


       ( Fully booked until January 2022 )


If you planned to grow a beautiful garden, you would uproot the weeds before planting your seeds, right?

What if I told you that the same principle must be applied when it comes to planting the seeds of hopes and dreams of your future? Especially when working on building a solid foundation for your business.

Many of us carry deeply rooted limiting beliefs deep in our subconscious mind and it gets in the way of materializing our desires. This is mostly due to the fact that many of us either suppress or deny the pain we’ve gone through in an attempt to carry on and take care of business.

What this does is it turns that pain into something of a Gremlin that now lives in our mind. Telling us we’re not good enough or that we can’t possibly live up to our dreams. It keeps us playing small and stuck in our comfort zone.

Identifying your blind spots and removing self sabotaging patterns will help you to heal and transcend destructive behavior. In Aligned Artist, you will learn how to identify, uproot and transcend any limiting beliefs you have about your gifts and transmute it into a sustainable online business that will heal your financial pains and serve your community.

Pain shows up in our lives for a reason. We must feel it in order to heal it and allow it to hurt so we can let it go. Your pain is your purpose in disguise.

The future is here and our world needs visionary leaders and artists like you!



               Blooming Beauty $ 333


       ( Fully booked until January 2022)

Let’s face it ladies, many of us are emotionally, mentally and spiritually out of sync. Societies led by toxic Masculine leaders have shamed us for embracing our sexuality. It has left us feeling inadequate and even ashamed about expressing our rage for being violated or abused.

We have allowed others to use, abuse and rob us of our feminine spark, making it difficult for us to attract a divine partnership and lifestyle that makes us feel safe, secure and stable.

This sacrificial mindset that we’ve been indoctrinated to accept, through our educational and religious institutions, as well as pop culture, has caused many of us to desperately seek external validation by over sexualizing ourselves and obsessing over fame and fortune.

We understand the importance of pampering, adorning and sculpting our bodies, which is lovely, but true beauty is an inside job. Are you doing enough to tend to our inner beauty?

Whether you wish to attract a loving man of influence or to boost your own earning potential, how well you manage the masculine and feminine energies within and around you dictates whether or not your desires will transpire.

In Blooming Beauty, I will show you how to heal the damaged feminine within so you can call in your Soul Partner, like a moth to a flame. So that you can have the life you deserve.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a dark place? Maybe you’ve just been planted because it’s your time to Bloom.


               Cosmic Creatrix $ 333


         ( Fully booked until January 2022 )

Our ability to manifest prosperity is impacted by the overall wellness of mind, body and spirit. This is especially true when we are in a partnership.

A harmonized masculine and Feminine energy can manifest a beautiful life quicker and more smoothly than they would individually.

You don’t need to be in union, yet, to have the life you dream of. Just to stay in “the flow”, for as long as possible, as often as possible.

Many famous artists and scientists have mastered the art of tapping into this flow, and use it to attract their big break or to manifest their latest invention.

You were born to do what sparks joy within you, and to share your passions with the world. Not to be bound to an unfulfilling job and obligations that robs you of your creative life force.

In Cosmic Creatrix, I will teach you  how to cultivate the opulent life of your dreams without compromising your integrity or sacrificing your stability. Time is money and so is your energy. I’ll share with you the secrets that the wealthy and those in power know that puts them at an advantage over the rest of us.

This course will not be a lesson plan on how to work harder and not smarter. It really just boils down to one secret that I stumbled upon while running my business and it has made all the difference.

All that glitters is not gold, but you can have it all, by uncovering your Creatrix Code.


    THE ABC’s to the WILD WOMAN



Are you a visionary leader in the making who desires to become the next go to EXPERT in your obsessively fun hobby that you dream of turning into an exciting profession?

If so, this unique program is designed with you in mind. In this program, we meet three times a week and have a one on one check in to ensure that you are progressing towards your desired lifestyle.

I will help you build your legacy by teaching you how to align with your soul’s Purpose and make a comfortable living using your gift and doing what you love!

If you are ready to FINALLY step into your power and claim the life of your DREAMS, sign up for a complimentary soul session with me to see if the wild woman awakening journey is right for you.


This package includes :

Weekly Coaching with me 

Branding, Copy and Website

Social Media Management

A chapter in “20 Awakened Women: 20 Sassy, Spiritual and Successful Sheros on a Mission” with help from a writing coach/editor.

All 3 Courses (Awakened Alchemist + Blooming Beauty + Cosmic Creatrix)

3 Month access to Moonthly Manifestation Circles and Weekly Mastermind


(We have 2 seats availablefor the ABC’s to The Wild Woman Awakening Package. E-mail if interested)